UK Statistical Geography

Geographies and Entities from ONS Geography Linked Data

  1. identifierAlternative language nameChange Order TitleCodeExtent of the Realm hectarageInland water hectarageLand hectarageMean high water hectarageOfficial nameOperative DateOperative DateOwnerParent codeStatuslabeltypewas defined by
  2. and Peterborough Geography
  3. AmendmentE47Greater Manchester Geography
  4. AmendmentE47Liverpool City Region Geography
  5. re-coding strategyE1332786.380.031924.9331924.93Inner London Geography1111/1001
  6. re-coding strategyE13126683.31136.92125278.13125415.05Outer London Geography1111/1001
  7. Newcastle upon Tyne, North Tyneside and Northumberland Combined Authority (Establishment and ...E47North of Tyne Geography1133/2018
  8. AmendmentE47Sheffield City Region Geography
  9. Tees Valley Combined Authority Order 2016E47Tees Valley Geography449/2016
  10. West Midlands Combined Authority Order 2016E47West Midlands Geography653/2016
  11. of England Geography
  12. Capital Region (Econ)liveW42000001Statistical Geography
  13. Bay City Region (Econ)liveW42000004Statistical Geography

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