Regional average climate observations UK Annual Mean Temperature

Climate observations that have been averaged across UK geographic areas

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  1. Met Office GeographyYearMeasure typeMean TemperatureTemperature TrendUnit of Measure
  2. E920000012020Mean Temperature10.57Degrees Celsius
  3. E920000012019Mean Temperature10.23Degrees Celsius
  4. K020000012019Mean Temperature9.39Degrees Celsius
  5. E920000012022Mean Temperature10.94Degrees Celsius
  6. W920000042022Mean Temperature10.23Degrees Celsius
  7. W920000042021Mean Temperature9.61Degrees Celsius
  8. K020000012022Mean Temperature10.03Degrees Celsius
  9. K020000012021Mean Temperature9.28Degrees Celsius
  10. K020000012020Mean Temperature9.61Degrees Celsius
  11. E920000012021Mean Temperature10.07Degrees Celsius
  12. W920000042019Mean Temperature9.66Degrees Celsius
  13. W920000042020Mean Temperature9.91Degrees Celsius

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