Efficient use of water

Water leakage in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, measured in megalitres per day

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  1. Government YearMeasure typeStatistical GeographyWater leakageUnit of MeasureObservation Status
  2. 2006-07Water leakageEngland3279.15Megalitres per day
  3. 2008-09Water leakageEngland3102.77Megalitres per day
  4. 2004-05Water leakageEngland3365.29Megalitres per day
  5. 2014-15Water leakageEngland2919.82Megalitres per day
  6. 2012-13Water leakageEngland3001.25Megalitres per day
  7. 2009-10Water leakageEngland3062.08Megalitres per day
  8. 2011-12Water leakageEngland3041.4Megalitres per day
  9. 2013-14Water leakageEngland2921.77Megalitres per day
  10. 2007-08Water leakageEngland3187.28Megalitres per day
  11. 2010-11Water leakageEngland3087.77Megalitres per day
  12. 2002-03Water leakageEngland3152.44Megalitres per day
  13. 2005-06Water leakageEngland3347.73Megalitres per day

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