Species supporting ecosystem functions (updated)

Percentage change in the distribution of pollinators in the UK, 1980 to 2019

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  1. Measure typeYearTrendlineDistribution of PollinatorsUnit of Measure
  2. Distribution of Pollinators1985Unsmoothed index101.97Percentage Change
  3. Distribution of Pollinators1984Unsmoothed index100.74Percentage Change
  4. Distribution of Pollinators1990Unsmoothed index99.86Percentage Change
  5. Distribution of Pollinators1982Unsmoothed index99.54Percentage Change
  6. Distribution of Pollinators1983Unsmoothed index99.84Percentage Change
  7. Distribution of Pollinators1986Unsmoothed index103.16Percentage Change
  8. Distribution of Pollinators1980Unsmoothed index100.0Percentage Change
  9. Distribution of Pollinators1989Unsmoothed index101.55Percentage Change
  10. Distribution of Pollinators1988Unsmoothed index103.27Percentage Change
  11. Distribution of Pollinators1991Unsmoothed index99.09Percentage Change
  12. Distribution of Pollinators1992Unsmoothed index99.25Percentage Change
  13. Distribution of Pollinators1981Unsmoothed index99.56Percentage Change

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