Sales and jobs at small businesses

Indices of sales and jobs at small businesses from Xero, an accounting software company

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  1. MonthIndustryMeasure typeSalesJobsUnit of Measure
  2. 2019-01ConstructionJobs100.0Unitless
  3. 2019-02ConstructionJobs100.0Unitless
  4. 2019-02ManufacturingJobs100.0Unitless
  5. 2019-01Administrative and Support ServicesJobs100.0Unitless
  6. 2019-02Retail TradeJobs100.0Unitless
  7. 2019-01Professional, Scientific and Technical ServicesJobs100.0Unitless
  8. 2019-01Information Media and TelecommunicationsJobs100.0Unitless
  9. 2019-01Health Care and Social AssistanceJobs100.0Unitless
  10. 2019-01Rental, Hiring and Real Estate ServicesJobs100.0Unitless
  11. 2019-01Other ServicesJobs100.0Unitless
  12. 2019-01ManufacturingJobs100.0Unitless
  13. 2019-01Accommodation and Food ServicesJobs100.0Unitless

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