VAT diffusion indices

Diffusion indices created using HMRC VAT returns, and associated number of firms contributing to those indices

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  1. SICMeasure typeMonthSeasonal AdjustmentMetricDiffusion index Month on MonthDiffusion index Month on a Year agoNumber of new reportersNumber of reporters of this record typeNumber of firms in diffusion index Month on MonthNumber of firms in diffusion index Month on a Year agoObservation StatusEstimateUnit of Measure
  2. Total (A-T)Diffusion index Month on Month2013-02SATurnover current prices0.02Day7Unitless
  3. Total (A-T)Diffusion index Month on Month2012-04SATurnover current prices-0.06Day7Unitless
  4. Total (A-T)Diffusion index Month on Month2012-11SATurnover current prices0.02Day7Unitless
  5. Total (A-T)Diffusion index Month on Month2012-08SATurnover current prices0.0Day7Unitless
  6. Total (A-T)Diffusion index Month on Month2012-07SATurnover current prices0.01Day7Unitless
  7. Total (A-T)Diffusion index Month on Month2012-12SATurnover current prices0.01Day7Unitless
  8. Total (A-T)Diffusion index Month on Month2012-03SATurnover current prices-0.04Day7Unitless
  9. Total (A-T)Diffusion index Month on Month2012-05SATurnover current prices-0.01Day7Unitless
  10. Total (A-T)Diffusion index Month on Month2012-02SATurnover current prices-0.02Day7Unitless
  11. Total (A-T)Diffusion index Month on Month2013-01SATurnover current prices-0.05Day7Unitless
  12. Total (A-T)Diffusion index Month on Month2012-09SATurnover current prices0.03Day7Unitless
  13. Total (A-T)Diffusion index Month on Month2012-10SATurnover current prices-0.05Day7Unitless

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