Gas prices

Daily and rolling average System Average Price (SAP) of gas traded in Great Britain over the On-the-Day Commodity Market (OCM) between 1 January 2018 and 15 January 2023

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  1. DayMeasure typePeriodicitySAPUnit of Measure
  2. 03/01/2018SAPPreceding seven-day rolling average1.8019p/kWh
  3. 07/01/2018SAPActual day1.817p/kWh
  4. 02/01/2018SAPPreceding seven-day rolling average1.8318p/kWh
  5. 04/01/2018SAPActual day1.7719p/kWh
  6. 05/01/2018SAPPreceding seven-day rolling average1.7608p/kWh
  7. 04/01/2018SAPPreceding seven-day rolling average1.7835p/kWh
  8. 05/01/2018SAPActual day1.7601p/kWh
  9. 01/01/2018SAPPreceding seven-day rolling average1.8474p/kWh
  10. 01/01/2018SAPActual day1.7083p/kWh
  11. 06/01/2018SAPActual day1.7186p/kWh
  12. 03/01/2018SAPActual day1.7663p/kWh
  13. 06/01/2018SAPPreceding seven-day rolling average1.7554p/kWh

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