Heathrow Flight Passengers

Monthly passenger numbers at London Heathrow Airport, to, from, and within the UK

Filter data

  1. MonthMeasure typeNumber of passengersUnit of Measure
  2. 2019-01Number of passengers5927225Number
  3. 2019-08Number of passengers7578862Number
  4. 2020-01Number of passengers5995099Number
  5. 2019-03Number of passengers6527270Number
  6. 2019-04Number of passengers6705428Number
  7. 2019-07Number of passengers7659554Number
  8. 2019-09Number of passengers6685601Number
  9. 2019-10Number of passengers6907331Number
  10. 2019-11Number of passengers6148361Number
  11. 2019-12Number of passengers6591957Number
  12. 2019-05Number of passengers6683378Number
  13. 2019-06Number of passengers7158541Number

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