Northern Ireland super output areas gross value added (GVA) estimates

Provides GVA estimates for super output areas (SOA, Northern Ireland), 1998 to 2020.

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  1. YearStatistical GeographyMeasure typeGross value addedUnit of MeasureArea Name
  2. 199895AA03W1Gross value added3.636Pounds Sterling, MillionsBallycraigy
  3. 199895AA10W1Gross value added4.186Pounds Sterling, MillionsGreystone_Antrim
  4. 199895AA09W1Gross value added11.684Pounds Sterling, MillionsFountain Hill
  5. 199895AA06S1Gross value added15.706Pounds Sterling, MillionsCrumlin_1_Antrim
  6. 199895AA05W1Gross value added9.248Pounds Sterling, MillionsCranfield
  7. 199895AA01S3Gross value added77.792Pounds Sterling, MillionsAldergrove_3
  8. 199895AA07W1Gross value added7.947Pounds Sterling, MillionsDrumanaway
  9. 199895AA04W1Gross value added30.386Pounds Sterling, MillionsClady
  10. 199895AA08W1Gross value added59.234Pounds Sterling, MillionsFarranshane
  11. 199895AA01S1Gross value added96.355Pounds Sterling, MillionsAldergrove_1
  12. 199895AA01S2Gross value added77.792Pounds Sterling, MillionsAldergrove_2
  13. 199895AA06S2Gross value added9.323Pounds Sterling, MillionsCrumlin_2_Antrim

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