England and Wales lower layer super output areas gross value added (GVA) estimates

Provides GVA estimates for lower layer super output areas (LSOA, England and Wales), 1998 to 2020.

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  1. Measure typeYearStatistical GeographyGross value addedArea NameUnit of Measure
  2. Gross value added1998E01000010158.381Barking and Dagenham 015CPounds Sterling, Millions
  3. Gross value added1998E010000022812.728City of London 001BPounds Sterling, Millions
  4. Gross value added1998E0100001312.851Barking and Dagenham 013APounds Sterling, Millions
  5. Gross value added1998E010000123.498Barking and Dagenham 015DPounds Sterling, Millions
  6. Gross value added1998E010000063.68Barking and Dagenham 016APounds Sterling, Millions
  7. Gross value added1998E0100001111.274Barking and Dagenham 016CPounds Sterling, Millions
  8. Gross value added1998E0100000749.554Barking and Dagenham 015APounds Sterling, Millions
  9. Gross value added1998E010000142.281Barking and Dagenham 013BPounds Sterling, Millions
  10. Gross value added1998E0100000914.041Barking and Dagenham 016BPounds Sterling, Millions
  11. Gross value added1998E0100000328.913City of London 001CPounds Sterling, Millions
  12. Gross value added1998E0100000838.152Barking and Dagenham 015BPounds Sterling, Millions
  13. Gross value added1998E01000005831.379City of London 001EPounds Sterling, Millions

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