Gross median weekly pay

Average (median) weekly pay based on where people live, UK, 2002-2022.

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  1. Statistical GeographyYearMeasure typeGross median weekly payUnit of MeasureUpper Confidence IntervalLower Confidence IntervalObservation Status
  2. United Kingdom2017Gross median weekly pay448.5Pounds Sterling450.25812446.74188
  3. United Kingdom2016Gross median weekly pay438.4Pounds Sterling440.118528436.681472
  4. United Kingdom2015Gross median weekly pay425.1Pounds Sterling426.766392423.433608
  5. United Kingdom2013Gross median weekly pay415.3Pounds Sterling416.927976413.672024
  6. United Kingdom2012Gross median weekly pay405.8Pounds Sterling407.390736404.209264
  7. United Kingdom2011Gross median weekly pay400.0Pounds Sterling401.568398.432
  8. United Kingdom2018Gross median weekly pay460.0Pounds Sterling460.9016459.0984
  9. United Kingdom2014Gross median weekly pay417.9Pounds Sterling418.719084417.080916
  10. United Kingdom2019Gross median weekly pay479.1Pounds Sterling480.039036478.160964
  11. United Kingdom2020Gross median weekly pay479.1Pounds Sterling480.039036478.160964
  12. United Kingdom2021Gross median weekly pay505.1Pounds Sterling507.079992503.120008
  13. United Kingdom2022Gross median weekly pay532.5Pounds Sterling534.5874530.4126

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