Who victim had told personally about the partner abuse experienced in the last 12 months, by sex, year

Data from the Crime Survey for England and Wales on the prevalence and nature of partner abuse.

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  1. Reference AreaAge GroupPeriodContact after AbuseSexMeasure typeUnweighted CountPercentageUnit of Measure
  2. K0400000116 to 59 anyoneMalePercentage50.75078375840653Percent
  3. K0400000116 to 59 or a relativeMalePercentage25.29025040280518Percent
  4. K0400000116 to 59 or a neighbourFemalePercentage53.25706274674188Percent
  5. K0400000116 to 59 or a relativeAllPercentage40.14761928934956Percent
  6. K0400000116 to 59 or a neighbourMalePercentage31.64852253076316Percent
  7. K0400000116 to 59 anyoneAllPercentage72.3684211457991Percent
  8. K0400000116 to 59 anyoneFemalePercentage81.25514420964141Percent
  9. K0400000116 to 59 someone known personallyAllPercentage64.82549243462509Percent
  10. K0400000116 to 59 someone known personallyMalePercentage43.67059173935794Percent
  11. K0400000116 to 59 colleagueMalePercentage13.553303325150386Percent
  12. K0400000116 to 59 someone known personallyFemalePercentage73.47456178043072Percent
  13. K0400000116 to 59 or a relativeFemalePercentage46.22197603755625Percent

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