Annual Business Survey exporters and importers - Business proportion

Exporters and importers of goods and services in Great Britain by employment size, turnover size, ownership and age.

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  1. Business ActivitySize of Business by Number of EmployeesYearTurnoverAge of BusinessTrade GroupMeasure typeCountry of OwnershipPercentageUnit of Measure
  2. Importers12018AllAllGoods and ServicesPercentageAll6Businesses
  3. Exporter and Importer12018AllAllGoods and ServicesPercentageAll3Businesses
  4. Exporter and Importer10 to 192018AllAllGoods and ServicesPercentageAll12Businesses
  5. Exporters20 to 492018AllAllGoods and ServicesPercentageAll25Businesses
  6. Exporter and/or Importer10 to 192018AllAllGoods and ServicesPercentageAll25Businesses
  7. Importers2 to 92018AllAllGoods and ServicesPercentageAll9Businesses
  8. Importers10 to 192018AllAllGoods and ServicesPercentageAll20Businesses
  9. Exporters12018AllAllGoods and ServicesPercentageAll7Businesses
  10. Exporter and/or Importer12018AllAllGoods and ServicesPercentageAll10Businesses
  11. Exporters10 to 192018AllAllGoods and ServicesPercentageAll17Businesses
  12. Exporter and/or Importer2 to 92018AllAllGoods and ServicesPercentageAll13Businesses
  13. Exporter and Importer2 to 92018AllAllGoods and ServicesPercentageAll5Businesses

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