Regionalised estimates of UK service exports

The value of UK service exports broken down by country or English region, and by functional category.

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  1. ONS Functional CategoryNUTS GeographyYearFlowMeasure typeGBP TotalUnit of Measure
  2. TravelNORTH EAST (ENGLAND)2011ExportsGBP Total273.0GBP Million
  3. Insurance and pension servicesNORTH EAST (ENGLAND)2011ExportsGBP Total201.0GBP Million
  4. Administrative and support servicesNORTH EAST (ENGLAND)2011ExportsGBP Total58.0GBP Million
  5. ConstructionNORTH EAST (ENGLAND)2011ExportsGBP Total12.0GBP Million
  6. ManufacturingNORTH EAST (ENGLAND)2011ExportsGBP Total464.0GBP Million
  7. Other servicesNORTH EAST (ENGLAND)2011ExportsGBP Total14.0GBP Million
  8. Information and communicationNORTH EAST (ENGLAND)2011ExportsGBP Total135.0GBP Million
  9. Real estate, professional, scientific and technicalNORTH EAST (ENGLAND)2011ExportsGBP Total292.0GBP Million
  10. FinancialNORTH EAST (ENGLAND)2011ExportsGBP Total792.0GBP Million
  11. Primary and utilitiesNORTH EAST (ENGLAND)2011ExportsGBP Total5.0GBP Million
  12. Wholesale and motor tradesNORTH EAST (ENGLAND)2011ExportsGBP Total99.0GBP Million
  13. TransportNORTH EAST (ENGLAND)2011ExportsGBP Total430.0GBP Million

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