Quarterly country and regional GDP

Quarterly economic activity within Wales and the nine English regions (North East, North West, Yorkshire and The Humber, East Midlands, West Midlands, East of England, London, South East, South West) and Extra-Regio.

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  1. Measure typeIndustry SectionReference AreaPeriodQuarter on Quarter Change in GDPQuarter on Last Year’s Quarter Change in GDPYear-on-Year Change in GDPGDP (based on GVA)Unit of Measure
  2. GDP (based on GVA)TotalWALES201294.1865735871535Indices
  3. GDP (based on GVA)TotalYORKSHIRE AND THE HUMBER201295.050426665633Indices
  4. GDP (based on GVA)TotalEXTRA-REGIO NUTS 12012106.791613023182Indices
  5. GDP (based on GVA)TotalEAST OF ENGLAND201289.6268429249028Indices
  6. GDP (based on GVA)TotalSOUTH EAST (ENGLAND)201292.5458687362096Indices
  7. GDP (based on GVA)TotalNORTH EAST (ENGLAND)201397.4391854755788Indices
  8. GDP (based on GVA)TotalSOUTH WEST (ENGLAND)201292.7969480860663Indices
  9. GDP (based on GVA)TotalE92000001201291.098019676154Indices
  10. GDP (based on GVA)TotalLONDON201287.837337767731Indices
  11. GDP (based on GVA)TotalNORTH EAST (ENGLAND)201297.9162626494808Indices
  12. GDP (based on GVA)TotalWEST MIDLANDS (ENGLAND)201289.813255044929Indices
  13. GDP (based on GVA)TotalNORTH WEST (ENGLAND)201292.3157933068768Indices

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