Annual growing season length with trends actual

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  1. YearGeographyMeasure typeAnnual Growing SeasonUnit of Measure
  2. 1972UKAnnual Growing Season268.05959Day
  3. 1966UKAnnual Growing Season279.1013Day
  4. 1960UKAnnual Growing Season277.29376Day
  5. 1962UKAnnual Growing Season249.4367Day
  6. 1969UKAnnual Growing Season269.29782Day
  7. 1963UKAnnual Growing Season256.78993Day
  8. 1965UKAnnual Growing Season275.65303Day
  9. 1964UKAnnual Growing Season269.64178Day
  10. 1971UKAnnual Growing Season279.98657Day
  11. 1967UKAnnual Growing Season292.89941Day
  12. 1961UKAnnual Growing Season296.55427Day
  13. 1970UKAnnual Growing Season272.86243Day

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