Forestry Statistics 2021 New Planting

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  1. Measure typeYearNew ConifersNew BroadleavesTotal NewUnit of Measure
  2. New Conifers198120.13Thousand Hectares
  3. New Conifers198024.23Thousand Hectares
  4. New Conifers197723.35Thousand Hectares
  5. New Conifers198424.96Thousand Hectares
  6. New Conifers198723.5Thousand Hectares
  7. New Conifers197920.15Thousand Hectares
  8. New Conifers197821.07Thousand Hectares
  9. New Conifers198223.76Thousand Hectares
  10. New Conifers198321.35Thousand Hectares
  11. New Conifers198623.07Thousand Hectares
  12. New Conifers197627.37Thousand Hectares
  13. New Conifers198826.56Thousand Hectares

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