Energy Intensity Extract

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  1. SectorYearUnit of MeasureMeasure typeEnergy consumption per unit of outputConsumption Per Unit of OutputRoad Passenger ConsumptionTotal Final Domestic ConsumptionEnergy consumption per unit of output 1OutputNo Households 000sIndustrial ConsumptionServices Consumption Excluding AgricultureConsumption Per HouseholdIndustrial OutputServices Output
  2. Road1976KTOERoad Passenger Consumption18326.88
  3. Road1982KTOERoad Passenger Consumption20382.19
  4. Road1981KTOERoad Passenger Consumption19804.39
  5. Road1974KTOERoad Passenger Consumption17938.99
  6. Road1979KTOERoad Passenger Consumption20179.08
  7. Road1971KTOERoad Passenger Consumption16433.63
  8. Road1973KTOERoad Passenger Consumption18422.94
  9. Road1978KTOERoad Passenger Consumption19758.19
  10. Road1977KTOERoad Passenger Consumption18795.43
  11. Road1980KTOERoad Passenger Consumption20395.39
  12. Road1975KTOERoad Passenger Consumption17559.9
  13. Road1970KTOERoad Passenger Consumption15695.98

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