Impact of climate change by 2030

Public opinions and social trends, Great Britain: Impact of climate change by 2030.

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  1. QuestionAgeGenderMeasure typeWeighted countSample sizePercentage EstimatesLower Confidence IntervalUpper Confidence IntervalUnit of Measure
  2. Rising UK temperaturesallMalePercentage Estimates61.0Percent
  3. Rising UK temperatures16 to 49allPercentage Estimates65.0Percent
  4. Rising UK temperaturesallallUpper Confidence Interval65.0Percent
  5. Rising UK temperatures70 and overallPercentage Estimates57.0Percent
  6. Rising UK temperaturesallallLower Confidence Interval59.0Percent
  7. Rising UK temperatures16 to 29allUpper Confidence Interval77.0Percent
  8. Rising UK temperatures50 to 69allPercentage Estimates59.0Percent
  9. Rising UK temperatures16 to 29allPercentage Estimates70.0Percent
  10. Rising UK temperaturesallallPercentage Estimates62.0Percent
  11. Rising UK temperatures30 to 49allPercentage Estimates63.0Percent
  12. Rising UK temperaturesallFemalePercentage Estimates63.0Percent
  13. Rising UK temperatures16 to 29allLower Confidence Interval62.0Percent

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