Regional average climate observations, UK annual mean temperature 2021

Data for the Regional average mean temperature with trends 1884 - 2021

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  1. YearReference AreaMeasure typeAnnual Mean Temperature (Trend)Annual Mean TemperatureUnit of Measure
  2. 1885K02000001Annual Mean Temperature7.36Degrees centigrade
  3. 1888K02000001Annual Mean Temperature7.28Degrees centigrade
  4. 1886K02000001Annual Mean Temperature7.45Degrees centigrade
  5. 1891K02000001Annual Mean Temperature7.6Degrees centigrade
  6. 1895K02000001Annual Mean Temperature7.55Degrees centigrade
  7. 1893K02000001Annual Mean Temperature8.78Degrees centigrade
  8. 1896K02000001Annual Mean Temperature8.26Degrees centigrade
  9. 1884K02000001Annual Mean Temperature8.48Degrees centigrade
  10. 1892K02000001Annual Mean Temperature7.02Degrees centigrade
  11. 1894K02000001Annual Mean Temperature8.19Degrees centigrade
  12. 1889K02000001Annual Mean Temperature8.02Degrees centigrade
  13. 1887K02000001Annual Mean Temperature7.51Degrees centigrade

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