Carbon Footprint - Summary Source Region 90-19

Annual greenhouse gas and carbon dioxide emissions relating to UK consumption.

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  1. CountryReference PeriodMeasure typeGreenhouse Gas EmissionsCarbon Dioxide EmissionsUnit of Measure
  2. Rest of the EU1990Greenhouse Gas Emissions75121.95Kilotonnes CO2 Equivalent
  3. Japan1990Greenhouse Gas Emissions4559.97Kilotonnes CO2 Equivalent
  4. Rest of America1990Greenhouse Gas Emissions12309.0Kilotonnes CO2 Equivalent
  5. Rest of the OECD1990Greenhouse Gas Emissions23667.36Kilotonnes CO2 Equivalent
  6. Rest of Africa1990Greenhouse Gas Emissions39305.82Kilotonnes CO2 Equivalent
  7. Rest of Europe1990Greenhouse Gas Emissions15891.79Kilotonnes CO2 Equivalent
  8. Russia1990Greenhouse Gas Emissions108896.98Kilotonnes CO2 Equivalent
  9. Brazil1990Greenhouse Gas Emissions4895.67Kilotonnes CO2 Equivalent
  10. USA1990Greenhouse Gas Emissions45024.62Kilotonnes CO2 Equivalent
  11. South Africa1990Greenhouse Gas Emissions676.78Kilotonnes CO2 Equivalent
  12. India1990Greenhouse Gas Emissions1605.08Kilotonnes CO2 Equivalent
  13. Rest of Asia1990Greenhouse Gas Emissions29500.18Kilotonnes CO2 Equivalent

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