Carbon Footprint - Summary Product 90-19

Annual greenhouse gas and carbon dioxide emissions relating to UK consumption.

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  1. ProductReference PeriodMeasure typeCarbon Dioxide EmissionsGreenhouse Gas EmissionsUnit of Measure
  2. Actual rentals for households1990Greenhouse Gas Emissions1531.22Kilotonnes CO2 Equivalent
  3. Furniture, furnishings, carpets etc1990Greenhouse Gas Emissions11842.92Kilotonnes CO2 Equivalent
  4. Clothing1990Greenhouse Gas Emissions11344.98Kilotonnes CO2 Equivalent
  5. Tobacco1990Greenhouse Gas Emissions2686.02Kilotonnes CO2 Equivalent
  6. Electricity, gas and other fuels1990Greenhouse Gas Emissions237516.06Kilotonnes CO2 Equivalent
  7. Alcoholic beverages1990Greenhouse Gas Emissions5521.43Kilotonnes CO2 Equivalent
  8. Footwear1990Greenhouse Gas Emissions974.42Kilotonnes CO2 Equivalent
  9. Non-alcoholic beverages1990Greenhouse Gas Emissions5717.76Kilotonnes CO2 Equivalent
  10. Household textiles1990Greenhouse Gas Emissions5499.82Kilotonnes CO2 Equivalent
  11. Maintenance and repair of the dwelling1990Greenhouse Gas Emissions4981.06Kilotonnes CO2 Equivalent
  12. Imputed rentals for households1990Greenhouse Gas Emissions129.4Kilotonnes CO2 Equivalent
  13. Water supply and miscellaneous dwelling services1990Greenhouse Gas Emissions31058.75Kilotonnes CO2 Equivalent

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