Energy Intensity Extract 1970 - 2021

Information for overall energy consumption in the UK with details of the industry, transport, domestic and services sectors.

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  1. YearSectorMeasure typeEnergy consumption per unit of outputConsumption per householdNumber of Households 000sIndustrial ConsumptionOutputTotal Final Domestic ConsumptionConsumption per unit of outputEnergy consumption per unit of output 1Road Passenger ConsumptionServices Consumption excluding AgricultureServices OutputIndustrial OutputUnit of Measure
  2. 1972RoadOutput394.9Billion Passenger Kilometres
  3. 1972RoadRoad Passenger Consumption16919.061Kilotonnes of Oil Equivalent
  4. 1970RoadEnergy consumption per unit of output41.454Kilotonnes of Oil Equivalent
  5. 1973RoadOutput413.7Billion Passenger Kilometres
  6. 1973RoadEnergy consumption per unit of output43.542Kilotonnes of Oil Equivalent
  7. 1973RoadRoad Passenger Consumption18013.371Kilotonnes of Oil Equivalent
  8. 1971RoadOutput381.3Billion Passenger Kilometres
  9. 1970RoadRoad Passenger Consumption15147.412Kilotonnes of Oil Equivalent
  10. 1971RoadRoad Passenger Consumption15941.034Kilotonnes of Oil Equivalent
  11. 1970RoadOutput365.4Billion Passenger Kilometres
  12. 1972RoadEnergy consumption per unit of output42.844Kilotonnes of Oil Equivalent
  13. 1971RoadEnergy consumption per unit of output41.807Kilotonnes of Oil Equivalent

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