Integrated Data Service

A better way to connect with government data

IDS is bringing together data from across the UK government and Devolved Administrations, with the Data Explorer providing new ways to search across and filter datasets to give you the data you need.

The data is published as 5-star Linked Open Data in a way which makes it available in the right format for use as soon as it is published.

Getting started

Get started by browsing our datasets. We've got data on Climate change and Trade as well as other things.

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UK Climate Change

A prototype portal for data and insights on climate change.

Graphs, charts and data on the Climate Change website are driven directly from the Open Data which can be found in this data explorer, ensuring it contains the latest information every time this data is updated.


IDS - Integrated Data Service

As part of Government Reform and its ambition to be more data driven, the ONS is leading in the delivery of an Integrated Data Service in collaboration with partners across government.

Integrated Data Service is for analysts in government, Devolved Administrations and external researchers to provide controlled access to a series of integrated Critical National Data Assets built, linked and maintained for deep analysis, and for government and for Devolved Administrations to deliver their outputs in a more coordinated, accessible and engaging way.