Net annual change in forest carbon

Net annual change in forest carbon sequesteration.

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  1. YearGeographyMeasure typeCO2 equivalentUnit of Measure
  2. 1997EnglandCO2 equivalent7.3million tonnes
  3. 1991EnglandCO2 equivalent6.5million tonnes
  4. 2000EnglandCO2 equivalent7.9million tonnes
  5. 1994EnglandCO2 equivalent7.0million tonnes
  6. 1993EnglandCO2 equivalent7.0million tonnes
  7. 1996EnglandCO2 equivalent7.2million tonnes
  8. 1992EnglandCO2 equivalent6.7million tonnes
  9. 2001EnglandCO2 equivalent8.0million tonnes
  10. 1995EnglandCO2 equivalent7.0million tonnes
  11. 1998EnglandCO2 equivalent7.6million tonnes
  12. 2002EnglandCO2 equivalent8.1million tonnes
  13. 1990EnglandCO2 equivalent6.1million tonnes

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