UK Trade in goods by Classification of Product by Activity, time series dataset, Quarterly and Annual

Publication tables, UK trade in goods, CPA (08). Additional information for UK trade in goods by classification of product by activity. Current price, seasonally adjusted.

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  1. ProductPeriodFlowMeasure typeCDIDTrade in GoodsUnit of Measure
  2. Total2008ExportsTrade in GoodsP2TE253042.0GBP Million
  3. Total2006ExportsTrade in GoodsP2TE247231.0GBP Million
  4. Total2002ExportsTrade in GoodsP2TE187847.0GBP Million
  5. Total2000ExportsTrade in GoodsP2TE187206.0GBP Million
  6. Total2003ExportsTrade in GoodsP2TE188450.0GBP Million
  7. Total2004ExportsTrade in GoodsP2TE191781.0GBP Million
  8. Total1999ExportsTrade in GoodsP2TE166590.0GBP Million
  9. Total2001ExportsTrade in GoodsP2TE191075.0GBP Million
  10. Total1998ExportsTrade in GoodsP2TE163988.0GBP Million
  11. Total2009ExportsTrade in GoodsP2TE227741.0GBP Million
  12. Total2005ExportsTrade in GoodsP2TE213448.0GBP Million
  13. Total2007ExportsTrade in GoodsP2TE223810.0GBP Million

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