UK trade in goods by industry, country and commodity - Imports & Exports

Experimental dataset providing a breakdown of UK trade in goods by industry, country and commodity on a balance of payments basis. Data are subject to disclosure control, which means some data have been suppressed to protect confidentiality of individual traders.

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  1. IndustryPeriodMeasure typeONS Partner GeographyFlowCommodityCurrent PricesUnit of MeasureObservation Status
  2. 11 Manufacture of beverages2014Current PricesAndorraExportsTotal5GBP Million
  3. 11 Manufacture of beverages2008Current PricesAndorraExportsTotal3GBP Million
  4. 11 Manufacture of beverages2012Current PricesAndorraExportsTotal4GBP Million
  5. 26 Manufacture of computer, electronic and optical products2011Current PricesAndorraExportsTotal0GBP MillionSuppressed
  6. 11 Manufacture of beverages2018Current PricesAndorraExportsTotal5GBP Million
  7. 11 Manufacture of beverages2017Current PricesAndorraExportsTotal0GBP MillionSuppressed
  8. 11 Manufacture of beverages2013Current PricesAndorraExportsTotal0GBP MillionSuppressed
  9. 11 Manufacture of beverages2016Current PricesAndorraExportsTotal5GBP Million
  10. 11 Manufacture of beverages2011Current PricesAndorraExportsTotal4GBP Million
  11. 12 Manufacture of tobacco products2008Current PricesAndorraExportsTotal0GBP MillionSuppressed
  12. 11 Manufacture of beverages2015Current PricesAndorraExportsTotal5GBP Million
  13. 11 Manufacture of beverages2009Current PricesAndorraExportsTotal3GBP Million

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