International exports of services from subnational areas of the UK

Experimental estimated value of exports of services for 2017 for NUTS1, NUTS2, NUTS3 and 15 joint authorities, including industry and non-EU and EU split.

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  1. Flow DirectionsService DestinationPeriodService Origin GeographyMeasure typeExport ServicesMonetary ValueUnit of MeasureObservation Status
  2. ExportsAll2017SOUTH WEST (ENGLAND)Monetary ValuePrimary and utilities30.0GBP Million
  3. ExportsAll2017UNITED KINGDOMMonetary ValuePrimary and utilities1138.0GBP Million
  4. ExportsAll2017EAST OF ENGLANDMonetary ValuePrimary and utilities32.0GBP Million
  5. ExportsAll2017YORKSHIRE AND THE HUMBERMonetary ValuePrimary and utilities35.0GBP Million
  6. ExportsAll2017NORTH EAST (ENGLAND)Monetary ValuePrimary and utilities7.0GBP Million
  7. ExportsAll2017WEST MIDLANDS (ENGLAND)Monetary ValuePrimary and utilities17.0GBP Million
  8. ExportsAll2017NORTHERN IRELANDMonetary ValuePrimary and utilities27.0GBP Million
  9. ExportsAll2017EAST MIDLANDS (ENGLAND)Monetary ValuePrimary and utilities36.0GBP Million
  10. ExportsAll2017SCOTLANDMonetary ValuePrimary and utilities875.0GBP Million
  11. ExportsAll2017LONDONMonetary ValuePrimary and utilities11.0GBP Million
  12. ExportsAll2017WALESMonetary ValuePrimary and utilities10.0GBP Million
  13. ExportsAll2017SOUTH EAST (ENGLAND)Monetary ValuePrimary and utilities25.0GBP Million

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