Annual mean temp with trends anomaly

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  1. GeographyYearMeasure typeAnnual Mean TemperatureUnit of Measure
  2. UK1886Annual Mean Temperature-1.388324904Degrees Centigrade
  3. UK1889Annual Mean Temperature-0.824821178Degrees Centigrade
  4. UK1888Annual Mean Temperature-1.559663825Degrees Centigrade
  5. UK1890Annual Mean Temperature-0.882752712Degrees Centigrade
  6. UK1887Annual Mean Temperature-1.331216055Degrees Centigrade
  7. UK1896Annual Mean Temperature-0.580629317Degrees Centigrade
  8. UK1895Annual Mean Temperature-1.293471616Degrees Centigrade
  9. UK1893Annual Mean Temperature-0.057069945Degrees Centigrade
  10. UK1894Annual Mean Temperature-0.654150493Degrees Centigrade
  11. UK1891Annual Mean Temperature-1.238496164Degrees Centigrade
  12. UK1884Annual Mean Temperature-0.364399126Degrees Centigrade
  13. UK1892Annual Mean Temperature-1.82346959Degrees Centigrade

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