Annual mean temp with trends actual

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  1. YearGeographyMeasure typeAnnual Mean TemperatureUnit of Measure
  2. 1885UKAnnual Mean Temperature7.361354658Degrees Centigrade
  3. 1884UKAnnual Mean Temperature8.475600874Degrees Centigrade
  4. 1890UKAnnual Mean Temperature7.957247288Degrees Centigrade
  5. 1887UKAnnual Mean Temperature7.508783945Degrees Centigrade
  6. 1896UKAnnual Mean Temperature8.259370683Degrees Centigrade
  7. 1888UKAnnual Mean Temperature7.280336175Degrees Centigrade
  8. 1891UKAnnual Mean Temperature7.601503836Degrees Centigrade
  9. 1886UKAnnual Mean Temperature7.451675096Degrees Centigrade
  10. 1889UKAnnual Mean Temperature8.015178822Degrees Centigrade
  11. 1892UKAnnual Mean Temperature7.01653041Degrees Centigrade
  12. 1894UKAnnual Mean Temperature8.185849507Degrees Centigrade
  13. 1895UKAnnual Mean Temperature7.546528384Degrees Centigrade

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