E8: Efficient use of water

Part of The Outcome Indicator Framework, a comprehensive set of indicators describing environmental change that relates to the 10 goals within the 25 Year Environment Plan. The framework contains 66 indicators, arranged into 10 broad themes. The indicators are extensive; they cover natural capital assets (for example, land, freshwater, air and seas) and together they show the condition of these assets, the pressures acting upon them and the provision of services or benefits they provide.

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  1. PeriodMeasure typeWater ConsumptionWater LeakageUnit of MeasureObservation Status
  2. 2012-2013Water Consumption143.34Megalitres per Day
  3. 2006-2007Water Consumption149.66Megalitres per Day
  4. 2008-2009Water Consumption146.8Megalitres per Day
  5. 2001-2002Water ConsumptionMegalitres per DayNot Available
  6. 2010-2011Water Consumption145.81Megalitres per Day
  7. 2011-2012Water Consumption145.5Megalitres per Day
  8. 2004-2005Water Consumption151.63Megalitres per Day
  9. 2002-2003Water ConsumptionMegalitres per DayNot Available
  10. 2007-2008Water Consumption148.73Megalitres per Day
  11. 2005-2006Water Consumption151.81Megalitres per Day
  12. 2003-2004Water Consumption151.63Megalitres per Day
  13. 2009-2010Water Consumption146.15Megalitres per Day

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