Carbon Footprint - Summary Source Region 90-18

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  1. Measure typePeriodCountry CodeGreenhouse Gas EmissionsUnit of Measure
  2. Greenhouse Gas Emissions1994UK562423.03Kilotonnes CO2 Equivalent
  3. Greenhouse Gas Emissions1990UK620188.201Kilotonnes CO2 Equivalent
  4. Greenhouse Gas Emissions1999UK554879.835Kilotonnes CO2 Equivalent
  5. Greenhouse Gas Emissions1991UK626603.781Kilotonnes CO2 Equivalent
  6. Greenhouse Gas Emissions1998UK569063.605Kilotonnes CO2 Equivalent
  7. Greenhouse Gas Emissions2001UK566092.89Kilotonnes CO2 Equivalent
  8. Greenhouse Gas Emissions2000UK556936.244Kilotonnes CO2 Equivalent
  9. Greenhouse Gas Emissions1993UK585888.477Kilotonnes CO2 Equivalent
  10. Greenhouse Gas Emissions2002UK550978.061Kilotonnes CO2 Equivalent
  11. Greenhouse Gas Emissions1996UK559373.046Kilotonnes CO2 Equivalent
  12. Greenhouse Gas Emissions1992UK608554.149Kilotonnes CO2 Equivalent
  13. Greenhouse Gas Emissions1995UK545703.088Kilotonnes CO2 Equivalent

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