Carbon Footprint - Summary Product 90-18

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  1. Measure typePeriodProductCarbon Dioxide EmissionsEnergyGreenhouse Gas EmissionsUnit of Measure
  2. Greenhouse Gas Emissions1996Food77626.85666Kilotonnes CO2 Equivalent
  3. Greenhouse Gas Emissions2002Food82076.39074Kilotonnes CO2 Equivalent
  4. Greenhouse Gas Emissions1995Food70357.32632Kilotonnes CO2 Equivalent
  5. Greenhouse Gas Emissions1999Food89234.13756Kilotonnes CO2 Equivalent
  6. Greenhouse Gas Emissions1994Food74257.52396Kilotonnes CO2 Equivalent
  7. Greenhouse Gas Emissions1990Food84184.40863Kilotonnes CO2 Equivalent
  8. Greenhouse Gas Emissions1993Food75002.3191Kilotonnes CO2 Equivalent
  9. Greenhouse Gas Emissions1998Food86940.99684Kilotonnes CO2 Equivalent
  10. Greenhouse Gas Emissions1997Food83387.55141Kilotonnes CO2 Equivalent
  11. Greenhouse Gas Emissions1992Food79445.90095Kilotonnes CO2 Equivalent
  12. Greenhouse Gas Emissions2001Food84061.09064Kilotonnes CO2 Equivalent
  13. Greenhouse Gas Emissions1991Food83491.2406Kilotonnes CO2 Equivalent

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