Carbon Footprint - Summary Final Demand 90-19

Annual greenhouse gas and carbon dioxide emissions relating to UK consumption.

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  1. Reference PeriodMeasure typeFinal Demand BreakdownGreenhouse Gas EmissionsCarbon Dioxide EmissionsUnit of Measure
  2. 1990Greenhouse Gas EmissionsHouseholds direct142316.6Kilotonnes CO2 Equivalent
  3. 1991Greenhouse Gas EmissionsNon-profit institutions serving households5903.43Kilotonnes CO2 Equivalent
  4. 1990Greenhouse Gas EmissionsValuables234.3Kilotonnes CO2 Equivalent
  5. 1990Greenhouse Gas EmissionsCentral Government46668.46Kilotonnes CO2 Equivalent
  6. 1990Greenhouse Gas EmissionsLocal Government43496.6Kilotonnes CO2 Equivalent
  7. 1991Greenhouse Gas EmissionsHouseholds direct150965.6Kilotonnes CO2 Equivalent
  8. 1990Greenhouse Gas EmissionsChanges in inventories2405.79Kilotonnes CO2 Equivalent
  9. 1991Greenhouse Gas EmissionsLocal Government44549.81Kilotonnes CO2 Equivalent
  10. 1990Greenhouse Gas EmissionsNon-profit institutions serving households5785.9Kilotonnes CO2 Equivalent
  11. 1990Greenhouse Gas EmissionsHouseholds640481.81Kilotonnes CO2 Equivalent
  12. 1991Greenhouse Gas EmissionsHouseholds640731.94Kilotonnes CO2 Equivalent
  13. 1991Greenhouse Gas EmissionsCentral Government46699.58Kilotonnes CO2 Equivalent

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